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Official tour operator providing motorbikes, scooters, cars to rent coming from Italy, France, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Germany, Croatia and Bulgaria.

Assuroféminin accompanies, advises, and makes the insurance world clearer and closer to the women and their expectations.

Women who listen to women, it changes everything!
Assuroféminin is the first insurance offer of dedicated services to the women.

Nowadays, this is what women want: a readable insurance, reliable, efficient and affordable.

LNLM équipementiste féminin

LNLM is a 110 square meters’ store specialized in the moto/scooter equipment for women with a dedicated counter to the urban men.
A large choice to protect you.

Drive safe and keep being elegant!

Scooterpieces.fr is the reference selling parts and accessories for scooters and motorbikes.
They have more than 25,000 products references, you can benefit of the quality of 50 brands!

The delivery is offered starting from €150 of purchase and you can pay your parts in 2 or 3 times without any fee!

Scooterpieces : Accessoriste et Pièces Scooter
Speedway : Accéssoriste scooters et motos

Speedway.fr is the online store of motorbike’s accessories:
Jacket, Helmets, Pants, Gloves and other accessories to drive safely.

Breakdown service in France

Team Dépan’2 Roues, Transport and assistance 2 wheels.

Since 1995, Dépan’2 Roues has a unique goal: The assistance of 2 wheels vehicles in Paris and Paris area. As its legal name indicates, Dépan’2 Roues is primarily focused on motorbike’s transport in Paris, Paris area and other regions.

Team Dépan'2 Roues : Dépannage de deux roues
Le roi loc : Comparateur

Vacations’ rental, real estate rent, cars, parties and more!

You have an apartment, a car or a drill to rent? Leroiloc allows you to rent your objects in few clicks.