Our prices, our models

In order to meet the expectations of each customer, Club Scooter is partner with several Scooter/Moto dealers (BMW, Honda, Piaggio, Yamaha…) and has a wide range of models.

A few of our offers on 24 and 36 months – Maintenance included

MP3 500 ABS/ASR Sport


Smooth, Comfortable and easy to drive

Accessible by 125cc driver’s license

269€/month VAT Included – 24 months

249€/month VAT Included – 36 months

MP3 300 ABS/ASR Business


Elegance, performance and safety

Accessible by 125cc driver’s license

239€/month VAT Included – 24 months

219€/month VAT Included – 36 months

Piaggio MP3 300 LT Yourban


Easy to handle, stable and powerful

Accessible permis 125cc

195€/month VAT Included – 24months

179€/month VAT Included – 36 months

Honda Forza 125 ABS



Adapted to every environment

179€/month VAT Included – 24 months

159€/month VAT Included – 36 months

Yamaha X-max 125 ABS


Ideal for urban trips

Very comfortable

179€/month VAT Included – 24 months

159€/month VAT Included – 36 months

Piaggio Liberty 125 ABS


Very good compromise between agility/stability

Multi-purpose Scooter

129€/month VAT Included – 24 months

109€/month VAT Included – 36 months

The monthly payments for long-term rentals vary from one model to another and evolve depending on the duration of the commitment and the mileage. Therefore, our entry-level vehicles go from €75ET/month for a 50cc and around €290ET/month for our high-end models.


You don’t really know how much time you want to be engaged? Nor the mileage that you could possibly drive? Our advisers can help you by phone in order to identify your needs. Our main goal is proposing custom-made contracts to each of our clients.

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