The advantages of the LTR/Leasing scooter and motorbike

Subscribing to a LTR or a leasing at Club Scooter you will have a 2/3 wheels scooter or a motorbike within the models of our partners BMW, Honda, Piaggio, Yamaha. It is useful to precise that all of our vehicles, for a leasing contract or a LTR are new. You can also enclose additional services with the contract such as maintenance, replacement vehicle, assistance, insurance… etc


Another advantage with this solution is that you can change the vehicle at each contract, varying the driving pleasures but also allows you to regularly adapt your vehicle to your needs (more powerful, wider trunk, more or less equipment…


Easy, quick, efficient, the LTR and the Leasing offer new perspectives for the companies wishing to optimize their cash flow while putting at disposition vehicles allowing to save time during the movements of their co-workers.

  • Tax system

    • Deductible monthly charges
    • Recoverable VAT
    • No tax on company cars


    • Maintenance
    • Breakdown assistance & insurance
    • Replacement vehicle


    • Driver: Gloves, Helmet, Airbag
    • Gripping handles, Windshield, Top Case
    • Insurance: SRA Engraving & Approved Antitheft device